What is SEO and its Benefits?

What is SEO ?

SEO means search engine optimization. This technique site hires 9  millions of other sites in response to certain keywords when the search system collects information about every page on the way you can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


When your page gives higher ranking it out more about the final ranking your website must have all the ingredients the search looking for this is where I can help text contains links page type of and other pieces available information contained in the HTML code for Website works the search engine results pages in the world to get more business your website has to be on the first page of all the major search engines for the specific keywords into customers.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization 

SEO get targeted traffic for keywords that you want to visit a website from a search engine has a particular problem to solve and so if you give them the solution to the problem then they will love your website and share it with others websites that rank on search engines like Google are considered to be credible and trusted people trust Google .

They know they Google won’t let a known trusted site rank in the search engine so if you apply if you’re on your website it and on some credibility for your website is more likely to have a better conversion rate people that are searching for a specific keyword are the ones that land on your website visitor is interested in your product is more likely to become a customer

If you can actually increase the social media followers that you have as more and more people visit your website they are more likely to click on your social media icons and follow you provide better User experience for the visitor to rank on google you are to make your website load fast to say how to make sure that your website is responsive anything that you need to do for SEO which will surely improve the User experience of your website .


  • Get targetted traffic
  • Earn credibility
  • Better conversion rate
  • Increase social media followers
  • Provide better UX

Why SEO is Important?

Why seo is important Because having a website is nothing what is important is making that side visible to your target audience and this requires rank higher in the search engine results pages there is even a joke about this says that if you want to hide some when you better fit on the second page of Google.

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